Use Time Honoured Battlefield Tactics to Launch a Business

Use Time Honoured Battlefield Tactics to Launch a Business

The road to a successful business is very long, but there are ways to make the long road a little smoother and just a little bit safer, even though you will still have to assume some risk. Nothing is guaranteed in the business world, but those who are willing to follow a few time-tested steps will reap great rewards. The rest will be left to take the pieces of their broken business home with them. Will they dare to try again? Who knows? Let’s say that you want to become a professional photographer. Does that mean that you aren’t launching a business? This is an incorrect assumption — although you are going out with your camera, you are still running a business. Therefore, the tips in this guide still apply to you. Let’s look.

First and foremost, you need to look at who you wish to serve. When people say that they are interested in photography but worry about going broke, chances are good that they’re trying to offer the same type of basic pictures everyone else is doing. There is a market for everything, and certainly a market for everyone. What we mean here is that you must get serious about who you’re trying to serve. If you want to be a professional photographer and cover corporate parties and other high end gatherings, you can do that. On the other hand, you may want to go into new-born photography with a certain flair for creative, one of a kind setting. Knowing exactly who you want to reach will cut down on your advertising costs, because you won’t just be broadcasting to everyone. You’re targeting someone specific, someone who meets your criteria and can pay your desired fees.

From here, you need to survey how much you can realistically charge. Are there people that make six-figures for a children’s birthday party? Absolutely, but they cater to extremely wealthy, selective clientele. You may not be able to match that, but you can find an audience that pays what you need to charge. Think not just about the equipment, but your time as well. Every photographer knows that it’s more than just taking pictures once and showing them to the customer. You need to spend time in the studio editing; that’s just part of the trade.

Finally, you’ll want to look at the best way to reach your audience. For example, if you’ve decided to specialise in senior weddings, using the Internet may not be your best bet. Word of mouth and even direct mail like postcards and flyers could work really well. Most senior citizens aren’t very into online mediums. Of course, testing all of your marketing channels is the best way to move forward. Have fun with it!